Renewal Bible College

God put a burden in our Pastor’s heart about starting a Bible College several years ago. As an adjunct faculty at South Asia Institute of Advanced Christian Studies (SAIACS), Bangalore, God has given him the privilege of training Pre-MTh and M.Div students for the past 7 years. However, he always felt burdened about church people, who have a desire but cannot, for various reasons, join a full time Bible college. Renewal Bible College (RBC) caters to people who have a desire to be trained systematically in the field of theology. At RBC, we now have 44 candidates getting trained in theology and working towards the Certificate in Ministry. Praise God for the first batch of students! We are amazed how much they are committed them to learning God’s word. We expect God to use them in the coming days. We are confident that this training will equip them to become a better vessel for God.

Our Vision

RBC aims to be one of the finest theological training academies for lay leaders and market place Christians, passionate about serving the church and making disciples

Our Mission

RBC exists to equip the body of Christ by creating relevant theological content for the church and to develop Christian leaders with expertise in tackling modern ministry situations with knowledge, grace and competence


This course deals with Major Themes of the Bible. The weekly lessons are listed here in the ascending order
  1. The Self Revelation of God (Pentateuch)
  2. Creation and Providence of God (Pentateuch)
  3. Sin (Exodus to Leviticus)
  4. The Covenant (O.T.)
  5. The Law of God (O.T.)
  6. Worship in the Old Testament (O.T.)
  7. Behavior and Ethics (Exodus to Deuteronomy)
  8. The Spirit of God (Kings, Chronicles & Judges)
  9. Prophetic tradition (Major & Minor Prophets)
  10. Life and ministry of Jesus (The four gospels)
  11. Kingdom of God (The Synoptic gospels)
  12. Discipleship (The four gospels)
  13. Cross, Death & Resurrection of Christ (The four gospels)
  14. Acts of the Apostles (Acts)
  15. Grace, Faith and Salvation (Pauline Literature)
  16. Righteousness, Justification, Sanctification (Pauline Lit.)
  17. Resurrection & Judgment (Pauline Literature)
  18. O.T. Law in N.T. Period (Pauline Literature)
  19. Eschatology (Peter, James & John)
  1. Homiletics
  2. Understanding Islam
  3. Hermeneutics
  4. Worship Leading
  5. Music and Voice Training