Welcome Ministry

This ministry is about helping new-comers to church feel welcome and at home.
To achieve this, the ministry team:
  • Arrives half an hour before the service commences
  • Arrives half an hour before the service commences
  • At the door, they greet, receive and bid adieu to everyone
  • Help people find seats so visitors don’t feel lost
  • Hand out sermon notes so that everyone is able to stay with the sermon’s flow
  • Clarify any queries about the church
  • Have a friendly chat with the newcomers
  • Provide snacks and beverages to the new comers after both the services in the welcome room
  • Accompany them for fellowship breakfast/lunch
  • Ask them for their feedback of our church service
  • Collect prayer requests and forward them to the Prayer team
  • Collect personal details and share them with the Membership team.
  • Talk to them through telephone after Sunday
  • Plan for follow up and meet them personally